The Games

Call of Osiris

Platforms: PS4, XBOX ONE, PC Release: pending

Our most ambitious project yet! Official reveal coming soon!

Kung-Fu Sheep: Gold Rush

Platforms: Android, iOS Release: pending

An exciting, free-to-play endless runner for Android and iOS. In the role of the titular hero, you must rush down a group of nefarious villains bent on robbery and revenge, and become the ultimate martial artist in the process. The controls are simple and the graphics colorful and cartoonish, but the game contains a surprising amount of substance and depth. There are coins and talismans to collect, bosses to defeat, minigames to master and extra levels to visit. This thrilling arcade game will surely baaa-low ewer mind!

Hypernova: Escape from Hadea

Platforms: PC (Steam) Release: 2017

Hypernova: Escape from Hadea combines classic real-time strategy with tower defense in a vast open world, becoming something special in the process – the original RTDS! The world is colorful and charming, but make no mistake: this is a deep and diverse strategy game with old school sensibilities.

Industry Manager: Future Technologies

Platforms: PC (Steam) Release: 2016

A classic economy simulation in which you can build your own empire, research new sustainable products, and sweep aside the competition on your way to fame and success. Take a market-oriented approach to de-sign, produce, position and sell modern products. With limited liquid capital and an eye for the right product range, you can become the most successful capitalist in the world!