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InsomniaEngine™ FEATURES

Deffered and Forward Rendering
Beside the current-gen method of Deffered rendering a fall back to the traditional Forward rendering method on low end CPUs was added
LiP - Load in Place Technology
Load in Place technology drastically reduces game loading times (game_size/disk_transfer_speed + GPU_data_upload_time).
Integrated Multithreaded Physics Engine
PhysX (full PhysX support), Full vehicle range support, Pre-simulated dynamics ...
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We understand that striving for innovation, research and development of entertainment software technologies is fundamental to the success of ActaLogic™. We will utilize our skills to search and apply new technologies, approaches and solutions, which will contribute to the development of original and improved products. Our goal is to create and keep our technology as a synonym for bleeding edge technology.


The InsomniaEngine™ is the technology pillar of ActaLogic™. It is a perfect blend of almost a decade of experience in fields of programming, engine design and game technologies. We are aware that the software architecture is a backbone for building successful software-intensive systems. The engine architecture largely permits or precludes a system's quality attributes such as performance or reliability and represents an abstract reusable model that can be transferred from one platform to another. Initially the InsomniaEngine™ is being developed for Microsoft Windows XP™/Vista™/7™ and Xbox360 platform and afterwards will be ported on Sony PlayStation 3.


InsomniaSuite™ is the InsomniaEngine™ wrapped and packed into a coherent, fully documented, user friendly packet, ready to license, development kit, used for a game development or any other high-tech visualization applications.
The InsomniaSuite™ is an out-of-the-box game engine. Compared to other similar products we offer not only a rendering engine but also state-of-the-art script engine, animation engine, network engine, production pipeline, asset management tools and other game related functionality (e.g. dynamics, triggers, input, sound, ...).
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