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1 august 2014 Industry Empire
A new business strategy is released :)
29 november 2011 Woodcutter 2012
In the new edition of the Woodcutter Simulator 2012, it is now down to business – there are thousands of trees and user can now also use a chainsaw to cut them down.
27 november 2011 Agrar Simulator 2012
The latest in the agricultural simulator series provides many detailed agricultural machinery, farming equipment and livestock for countless hours of fun on your virtual farm.
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This is the renewed corporate website of ActaLogic that will soon be updated with additional content. We hope that you like it! We suggest that you visit us frequently, otherwise we suggest not to.

ActaLogic is a game development studio located in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. Dedicated to bleading-edge technology, art, animation, and design, we focus on titles for PC, XBox 360 and Nintendo DS, in the genres of simulation, action, and first person shooters.


The InsomniaEngine™: a powerful lightweight engine which is the technology pillar of ActaLogic™. It is a perfect blend of almost a decade of experience in fields of programming, engine design and game technologies. We are aware that the software architecture is a backbone for building successful software-intensive systems. The engine architecture largely permits or precludes a system's quality attributes such as performance or reliability and represents an abstract reusable model that can be transferred from one platform to another. The InsomniaEngine™ is being developed for Microsoft Windows XP™/Vista™/7™ and Xbox360 platform.